Silverwood Takes Safety Precautions By Canceling Firework Show

By | April 10, 2018

ATHOL, Idaho — Silverwood Theme Park has cancelled their annual firework show due to safety and environmental concerns.

“We understand that our community looks forward to this event every year, but after some deliberation, we have decided that, due to safety and environmental concerns, it is in our best interest to cancel the show indefinitely. The fire season has had a huge effect on the surrounding areas the last few years, and if something were to happen during our show it would be devastating to our community.”

We will continue to decorate the park for the holiday and will be in full operation. If anyone has already made their RV Park reservations for this date, and would like to move it to a different date, please call our Guest Relations Department at 208-216-4420 for assistance.

“We look forward to a great 2018 season and hope that our guests can still come and incorporate Silverwood into their holiday tradition this year and for many years to come.”