Scruffy Dog brings The Walking Dead to life at Thorpe Park

By | April 4, 2018

UNTED KINGDOM — From this weekend on, be careful at Thorpe Park UK as the Walkers made their entrance in the new coaster The Walking Dead: The Ride.

Scruffy Dog had the great honor to provide their turn-key services, under the creative lead of John Burton, to Thorpe Park in order to make the terrifying TV show come to life. Throughout the development of the coasters theming, Scruffy Dog worked alongside Merlin Magic Makers creating the story, the narrative for all spaces, the theme book and the visual content. Afterwards, the theming elements were manufactured by the Scruffy Dog team in the Birmingham workshop and moved to Thorpe Park to finish up with scenic treatment and the theming process.

We are happy with another successful cooperation with Merlin Entertainment and can only hope many will follow. Furthermore, we would like to congratulate Thorpe Park on the first The Walking Dead themed roller coaster in the world and hope it will become a screaming success!