San Andreas – 4D Experience, a new 4D experience for those who love strong emotions

By | April 9, 2018

A 15-minute long 4-D version of the blockbuster “San Andreas” made by Warner Bros is on offer at Gardaland for cinema aficionados and true thrill seekers. The real surprise begins once the lights go out and Time Voyagers – Gardaland’s 4D cinema – will catapult its spectators literally in the centre of action, surrounded by extraordinary special effects. A breath-taking adventure among American skyscrapers, to be experienced in the spirit of an adrenaline-filled attraction.

The story: in California a terrible earthquake of magnitude 9, unleashed by the sudden reawakening of the San Andreas fault, is taking down everything in its path. A pilot, along with his ex-wife, goes on a long, difficult helicopter journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco, desperately attempting to save the life of their only daughter. Will they arrive on time? Will they manage to survive the ground opening up before their very eyes, bridges and the buildings crumbling and even a tsunami?

After wearing the 3-D goggles and taking a seat in the cinema spectators will feel the armchair come alive: it will begin to hop and move in various directions, increasing the realistic effect of the movie, projected on a 13-metre wide and 6-metre high screen. The firm movements of the armchair will throw spectators in the heat of the scene and of a multisensorial experience made totally realistic by a special vision of the images projected on the screen. They will suddenly feel like out and out co-protagonists of the adventure!

Thanks to the special effects, spectators will be flying in helicopter among the skyscrapers of the city brushing against their roofs, experiencing the violence of the quakes, perceiving the crumbling of the buildings collapsing under the force of water and of the earthquake, being swept up by the waves of a tsunami, narrowly missed by the debris of the motorways bending in two and the bridges spinning around themselves.

On a helicopter or on a motorboat, in the most incredible of situations, the spectator will feel completely immersed in this dimension, involved in first person in an extraordinary, highly charged experience! And it’s indeed the special effects that Gardaland offers at Time Voyagers that make the experience formidable and spectacular, operating, through emotions, on the most instinctive part of our brain. Movements, rotations, vibrations, inclinations and tremors. The movement system of the armchairs is pneumatic and it works with actuators similar to those used for the suspensions of heavy vehicles; little ducts fixed under the seats, at calf level give the impression of being grazed by wind and by obstacles. The water gets also nebulised and directed towards the face of the Guests, making them feel like they are getting wet.

Powerful ventilators are positioned on the ceiling of the cinema, creating air currents, wind blasts but also whirling sounds of storm. The lightning flashes, the explosions and the sudden changes of light inside the cinema are produced by stroboscopic lights fixed on the ceiling of the theatre.