Lakemont Park On-Track for 2019 Re-Opening

By | March 8, 2018

ALTOONA, Pa. — Today, the Blair County Commissioners approved an
amendment to the Lakemont Partnership lease, allowing the park to remain closed for a second summer while renovations are underway.

Lakemont Park, Altoona’s family-friendly community park, will now reopen in the spring of 2019. The park is undergoing a transformational renovation from what was once a conventional amusement park to what will now become a family entertainment center with family-focused programming and entertainment in addition to some amusements.

Renovations to begin in April 2018 include: the addition of a new miniature golf course, new electric go-karts, batting cages, and enhancements to the waterpark. These renovations, which were originally planned for 2017, were delayed due to the unexpected passing of RADD Development Co.’s Lakemont Partnership managing partner, Donald Devorris.

Plans continue for the addition of other attractions and programming for future phases. “Our vision is to rejuvenate Lakemont Park and have it be a community centerpiece for connecting with family and friends,” said operations partner, Ralph Albarano. “The steps that we are taking to make Lakemont Park a family experience for patrons of all ages will be well worth our time, effort, and investment.”

The park will offer “a la carte” pricing, where admission will be free, and guests will have the option of purchasing tickets for the individual attractions and activities. “It’s important that everyone in our community be able to enjoy this park,” said Albarano.

Renovations are not able to take place from September through March due to a combination of winter weather and the set-up, tear down, and nightly display of Holiday Lights on the Lake. The seasonal light display, which is listed in Pennsylvania registries as one of the best holiday attractions in the state, will still take place during the usual time in 2018. The annual July 4th fireworks display will also continue to take place.