PTC launches new website

By | February 5, 2018

Hatfield, Pa. — In late January, Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters Inc. launched a new website that has been in the planning process the past half year. Tom Rebbie, President of PTC described the background leading up to the launch, “Jeanine [Rebbie-Matcherz] was diligently doing a lot of work for the kick off.” As with any new website launch, “There will be glitches here and there. They will get that straightened out.”

There is a lot more information at visitors’ fingertips with the new website including products, services and a current list of projects in the works. The site allows for greater flexibility with up-to-date content, “It’s something we can change on a daily basis through the office, instead of going to a Site Manager,” said Rebbie. The site was designed by Duckpin Design, Towson, Maryland.

Five people can lay claim to being in charge of the operation starting with founder and first president, Henry Auchy in 1904. Auchy was succeeded by Herb Schmeck in 1922, followed by John Allen in 1954, Sam High III in 1971 to Tom Rebbie who took the helm in 1991. More in-depth information about each president along with a company history section can be found in the “About Us” section.

To visit the site:

– B. Derek Shaw