National Roller Coaster Museum launches new online home — New Design Supports Expansion Efforts

By | December 7, 2017

PLAINVIEW, Texas — The National Roller Coaster Museum has a new look and a new way for you to contact them about preserving the history of the amusement industry.

This month, the NRCMA relaunched updating the look and feel of the website and opening its archives for access in a more complete virtual museum.

“We are committed to our mission of obtaining artifacts and information about the amusement industry before it is lost, archiving it within our collection and then sharing it with the general public,” Jeff Novotny, NRCMA Chairman said.

In addition to the new on-line presence, the NRCMA is planning an expansion of the Plainview, Texas, archive facility creating new public exhibition spaces. Its colorful, whimsical design references the heritage of fun and excitement of the midway while the functional design provides state-of-the-art display and archive space.

As the NRCMA continues to expand its collection and to work toward both mobile exhibits and a public museum to showcase the history of the amusement industry, it needs the help of the industry and the general public. Donations can be made by mail: NRCMA, Attention: Jerry Willard, PO Box 5424, Arlington, TX 76005-5424.