Zero Latency — Free-Roam VR Pioneer Wins First and Second Place IAAPA Brass Ring Awards; Launches New Title Outbreak Origins, Most Advanced Free-Roam VR Game Ever Made

By | November 17, 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. – Zero Latency, the irrefutable world-leader in location-based free-roam VR entertainment, announced that a panel of judges comprised of IAAPA facility members has voted two Zero Latency VR games the first and second place winners of IAAPA Brass Ring awards in Category 8: Games and Devices – Class B – Midway Games and Equipment. The IAAPA Brass Ring Awards mark “achievements of excellence throughout the international attractions industry”

According to IAAPA:
This award is for the best new midway game, including any game that uses an operator/ attendant. The judging criteria, used to evaluate eligible products, are:
• Benefit of the product or service to the prospective buyer
• Originality or uniqueness of the product or service
• Quality of the products or service’s design and construction
• Innovation of the product or service.

The first-place winning game, Engineerium, is a gun-free, family-friendly adventure on an eyepopping fantastical alien world in which our laws of physics do not apply. Players walk up and down ramps and twisty, curvy walls while solving puzzles. The game that won the second-place Brass Ring award, Singularity, is an immersive space-themed shooter in which players battle through robots, killer drones, and gun turrets in the zero-gravity environment of a military space station. Watch videos on Engineerium and Singularity.

Also during the IAAPA tradeshow, Zero Latency is presenting Outbreak Origins, the company’s newest game, which is making its debut outside Australia during IAAPA. Zero Latency is shuttling prospective customers from Booth #1675 to partner site at Main Event Orlando (Pointe Orlando – 9101 International Dr), to play Outbreak Origins, a 30-minute, multilevel game that features incredible replay value, advanced storytelling, ultra-realistic zombies, and an epic final boss battle. Watch the Outbreak Origins trailer.

“IAAPA has been a great platform for Zero Latency over the past few years and we are honored to and thankful to have been selected as winners of the 2017 Brass Ring awards. We opened our first U.S. location during IAAPA last year and since then we have opened 13 locations in 4 continents, on our way to 20 locations by the end of the year”, states Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse. “Attendees are going to love Outbreak Origins, which is the culmination of the best VR experiences we have built into our games over the past two years we have been open and entertaining guests. In that time, we have had continued to push the player experiences further as 150,000 people experienced over 200,000 free-roam Zero Latency VR game plays.”

Zero Latency pioneered warehouse–scale free-roam multiplayer VR gaming arenas in 2015 with patent-pending motion tracking technology. Every visitor to a Zero Latency-powered arena can lead the pack, be a hero, support the squad, or discover their own role as part of a team. Teams in the VR arenas stay in contact with each other through Razer integrated headphone/ microphone units and are outfitted with OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headsets while wearing a military-grade backpack containing a high-performance Alienware PC gaming computer. They carry a perfectly-weighted, custom-made simulated weapon for game sessions that require firepower.

Zero Latency gaming arenas range from 2,000 to over 4,000 square feet, making them up to five times larger than any current free-roam VR entertainment competitor, and lead the industry by accommodating up to 8 players.