DNP to Showcase Photo Printing Solutions for Attractions Industry at IAAPA 2017

By | November 14, 2017

ORLANDO, Florida – At IAAPA 2017, DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (booth #4254) will showcase its award-winning photo printing solutions that provide custom photo souvenirs at many of the world’s most renowned amusement parks and attractions.

Among its range of product to be shown at IAAPA 2017 will be DNP’s flagship DS620A™ dye-sublimation 6” photo printer. Smudge-proof, dust-proof and fade-resistant pictures can be printed fast: 4×6“ in 8.3 sec. or a 5×7“in 14.1 sec. or a 6×8“ in 15.7 seconds, ideal  for busy amusement park and attraction visitors. It is capable of printing from 2×6” photo strip pairs up to 6×20” panorama* photos. IAAPA 2017 attendees will see these printers in action and receive a free 6×8-inch printed picture. As the world’s most compact professional-grade photo printer, the DS620A can produce up to 400 prints per hour is a highly profitable solution for amusement and attractions professionals that want to provide instant custom photo souvenirs.

The DS820A™ flagship 8-inch dye-sublimation photo printer will also be demonstrated at IAAPA this year and provides a wide range of profitable print sizes from 4×8” to 8×32” panorama* photos, printing an 8×10” in 30 secs., or an 8×12 in 34 seconds.  Designed with the latest generation of dye-sublimation thermal print technology, the DS820A creates stunning professional-grade prints with sharp details. The printer offers a choice of multiple print modes, including high speed and high resolution, at high or standard density. All prints from both the DS620A and DS820A are available in four finishes: matte, fine matte, glossy, and luster.

DNP will also showcase its Snap Lab SL620A™ photo printing kiosk system for retail applications at amusement parks and other attractions. The SL620A is an all-in-one solution that is compact and easy to operate for any retail customer or staff member.. Built with DNP’s specially designed DS-Tmini terminal head, the SL620A eliminates the need for an additional computer. The kiosk offers a wide variety of print size options ranging from 3.5×5” to 6×8”, including 4×4”, 5×5”, and 6×6” square prints, as well as printing continuous tone panorama* photos up to 6×20” with the DS620A or up to huge 8 x 32” panorama* with the DS820A printer and an integrated photo editing software allows users to quickly edit any photo as well as add borders or custom text.

DNP will also feature the DS-RX1HS™ dye-sublimation photo printer that is ideal for ride photo systems, photo booth applications, and other attractions where customized souvenirs are desired. The DS-RX1HS offers capacities of 700 4×6” prints and 350 5×7” and 6×8” prints as well as the ability to print two 2×6” photo strips on 4×6” paper, and four 2×6” photo strips on 6×8” paper.

Also on display will be the new WPS™ Pro Wireless Print Server, which is ideal for roaming photographers that require on-demand wireless printing workflows. Featuring an easy-to-read 6.8” touchscreen display the server allows users to easily monitor print jobs and configure changes including language, default print queues, and applying borders. Using its built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point, the WPS Pro allows users to print from DSLR cameras with a WiFi accessory, mobile devices (including phones and tablets), as well as Windows or Mac computers, all without the need for an Internet connection.

For more information on DNP’s professional photo printing solutions for the attractions industry, please visit:

*Panorama prints can be created in combination with the latest version of DNP’s Hot Folder Print Utility v2.3 or the DNP SL620A Snap Lab system.