Ride Entertainment Group statement concerning incident in Paris

By | April 11, 2017

STEVENSVILLE, Md. — Ride Entertainment Group has issued a statement concerning a ride mishap on an attraction at the Throne Fair in Paris, France, that resembles one of the company’s products:

Yesterday there was a shocking incident in Paris on the “Adrenaline” Extreme Ride, which is an unauthorized knock off device which attempted to copy Skycoaster’s signature flight experience. In the incident a young girl’s harness apparently failed, leaving her hanging by her ankles as she rode the 50 meter tall ride. Thankfully, despite the dangerous situation, it appears that there were no serious injuries.

The Adrenaline ride is not connected in any way to Skycoaster or Ride Entertainment. Skycoaster and Ride Entertainment have worked tirelessly to achieve its unmatched safety record, including rigid equipment inspections and mandatory operator training. If you have further questions please contact Mark at Info@RideEntertainment.com.

-Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer, Ride Entertainment Group