New thrill coaster planned for 2014 at Holiday Park

By | October 4, 2013

Holiday_PlopsaHassloch, Germany — In July 2014, Holiday Park will open a new roller coaster unique to Europe. The thrill coaster is replete with numerous exciting elements — catapult launches, cool rotations/twists, extreme forward and backward accelerations, vertical drops and breathtaking loops. The highlight is a slow motion roll at a height of approximately 150 feet. The passengers are slowly turned upside down by a twisted heartline roll high above the treetops and experience intensive moments with unique views before they speed down into the station with speeds of up to 62 mph.

Roller coaster fans will experience forces up to 3.5 times their own body weight by means of the unique magnetic launching technology. After the final drop the train returns to the start, where it is gently decelerated for the last time and comes to a standstill at the station.

Approximately €8 million ($10.8 million) will be invested in this brand-new coaster. A structurally identical roller coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, has been filling park guests with enthusiasm since 2012. The new coaster, supplied by Premier Rides of Baltimore, Maryland, is known for its innovative launched coasters.

Park manager Bernd Beitz: “After the substantial investments and new constructions in Holiday Park during the last two years the construction of this Europe-wide unique thrill coaster is a further step towards an attractive adventure-oriented restructuring of the park. We are looking forward to the new attraction! It is the long-desired thrill coaster roller coaster fans have been waiting for. This gigantic steel coaster is the ideal supplement for our park and provides pure action with its varied highlights.”