Wisdom Rides closed during Colorado floods

By | September 16, 2013

Wisdom_logoMERINO, Colo. — Wisdom Rides was forced to evacuate its manufacturing facility amid the deadly flooding in Colorado. Wisdom reports that all employees are safe, and several are volunteer firefighters that are busy helping others in the community.

It appears that the manufacturing facility may be spared, but the flooding has made getting to the factory treacherous, so the employees have been advised to stay home and provide assistance wherever they can.

The water is moving so fast that the measuring tools are not able to accurately estimate how high the floodwaters will get, but authorities believe the rivers in Sterling, 13 miles north, have already crested.

If the factory is spared, it will still take a few days to get the employees back to work and the shop operational as many will need time to take care of their families and property.

In the meantime, customers needing parts or information during the shop closure can contact Carol Silvey or Vic Wisdom.
    Carol Silvey
    email: csilvey1@hotmail.com
    cell phone: 970-522-3279

    Vic Wisdom
    email: vwisdom@kci.net
    cell phone: 970-580-2483

Customers are asked not to contact Jared, Julian or Chad, as they are firefighters and are very busy helping the community evacuate.