Fright Fest at Six Flags starts this weekend

By | September 17, 2013

SFOT08_H_FCARLINGTON, Texas — This Halloween season at Six Flags Over Texas promises to have more haunted houses and scare zones than ever before, and the fun begins even earlier this year! The popular theme park transforms to a “scream park” beginning September 21, during Fright Fest, the largest Halloween festival in North Texas. The event runs weekends through the month of October.

By day, the park offers Halloween-themed shows and treats for younger guests and families. Then by sun’s set the ghastly ghouls, goblins and zombies emerge and the hunting and haunting begins throughout the park’s midways. Among the nighttime attractions are the park’s six bone-chilling haunted houses, including two new ones — Total Darkness and The Zombie Factory.

Total Darkness: Everyone is afraid of what may go bump in the night. Now, those fears come to life as guests travel through a nearly 2,000 square foot maze in total darkness. Relying solely on instincts and the leader of the group, what appears to be a simple trek turns in to a spine-tingling journey of fear.
The Zombie Factory: The myth of the zombie apocalypse is now a reality in this futuristic haunted house. Healthy humans get turned into neurotic creatures feeding on the living in this test station haunt. Beware of help from the doctor because a prescription from him could turn life into a cataclysmic nightmare.

This year’s Fright Fest event also features three new scare zones that are free to the public:

Texas Scare-a-tory: The once feared, murderous desperados of the lawless west were unceremoniously sent to their final resting place in Boot Hill. Legend has it they are now roaming the streets searching for their next showdown.
Voodoo Swamp: The original zombie myth came to life in the swamps and bayous of New Orleans decades ago and they consisted of the voodoo witch doctors and priestess’ of mystic cults. Now they are calling the Caddo Lake Barge area their new home. Cursed are those that enter the Voodoo Swamp!
The Lost Hollows: Amongst the temple ruins of “The Lost Hollows” roam the spirits of an ancient forgotten civilization. To protect it from intruders the jungle comes alive to defend its secrets from all those who seek to defile its legacy.

Guests can also take in some of the best seasonal themed performances in North Texas as Six Flags performers showcase devilish levels of ghoulish entertainment.

Welcome to Arania’s Nightmare (The David Blackburn Southern Palace): This classic Six Flags Over Texas show is back as Arania, the Black Widow Bride, is on a manhunt for husband number 14. It seems the other 13 have all met with mysterious ends. This comical search takes place on the evening of the reading of the will of husband number 13, as Arania’s best friend, seer, psychic, and long-time bridesmaid conjure up likely candidates for Madame Arania. Throw in Arania’s lovesick lawyer, her man servant, a cast of goons, goblins, ghoulettes, and a little something from the laboratory, and a hauntingly good time is had by all.
HOWL (Majestic Theatre): MTV has nothing on the Howl-o-ween Top 10 Countdown. Jaxx, Gash, Vixen, Lotus, Scarlet, and Ransom perform music by Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Run DMC, Styx, Kelly Clarkson, Kiss, Skillet, and many more. Fright Fest never rocked like this.
WBAT Fright Time Radio Remote (Silver Star Carousel Stage): Be sure to drop in on the crew of 1313 WBAT Fright Time Radio as they cook up some of the most rockin’ Halloween tunes and give away spooky prizes, including free Fright Passes! Your ghoulish gang of hosts keeps the thrills going all day with creepy trivia contests and shocking games that will make guests scream for more. At WBAT, there’s always thrills by day, and fright by night.
Dr. Fright’s Final Freak Out (Silver Star Carousel Stage): There’s a party going on at the Star Mall Fear Factory, as all your neighborhood ghouls, zombies, and goblins bring Dr. Fright to life every evening at park closing. Once materialized, Dr. Fright gets the house a-rockin’ with a closing spectacular featuring music from the Disco Divas and Funk Bands of the 80’s. Top this off with special effects and a cast of zombies and everyone is sure to be dancing in the streets this Fright Fest.
Dead Man’s Party Presents Zombie A-ROCK-ALYPSE (Silver Star Carousel Stage and Majestic Theatre Stage):
Six Flags zombies and ghouls gather in a frightfully entertaining spooktacular musical and dance to the beat of their own demented drum.

There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to be found, too, including a costume contest, karaoke, and a trick-or-treat trail featuring Bugs Bunny and all of his friends. Fun can be found at every corner, no matter the age of the ghoul or goblin, this season at Six Flags Over Texas beginning Friday, September 21, through Sunday, October 29. This year, Fright Fest is bigger and scarier than ever! Park hours will vary; please visit for more information.