Summer Adventures in Fair Park's grand opening lights May sky

By | May 6, 2013

IMG_0827Summer Adventures in Fair Park exploded onto the Dallas entertainment scene with its grand opening May 3, 2013. At its preview party before an enthusiastic crowd, Summer Adventures officials christened its new park and signature Top o’ Texas Tower ride with a pyrotechnics display unparalleled by the amusement park industry.

The three-minute, custom-manufactured event was produced by Dave Groves and Scott Britt with Interlaced Productions of Atlanta. The company used 850 cues of pyro, shot from five ground locations in front of the 500-ft. tall tower and up and down in angled directions from the unoccupied passenger gondola. Fireworks set to angle from four locations atop the ride’s machine house, cleared the attraction’s mast. The tallest pieces of the display launched fireworks 750 to 800 feet in the air in a demonstration of impressive close-proximity pyrotechnics.

Summer Adventures in Fair Park officially opened to the public weekends beginning May 4 with daily operations starting June 7 through August 18, 2013. For more information visit