Cedar Point reinvents entrance with new B&M wing coaster

By | May 10, 2013

DSC04618Introducing a new roller coaster to a theme park isn’t out of the ordinary, particularly for Cedar Point, a land of giants in terms of record breaking coasters. However, GateKeeper, a new wing roller coaster manufactured by B&M, has done much more than just offer guests a new round of thrills. Visitors to the world famous amusement park are now greeted with a grand new entrance with the high-flying coaster soaring overhead.

One of a relatively new genre, GateKeeper pushes the dimensions of the wing coaster to new statistical dimensions — longer, taller and faster than any before. With two of the ride’s six inversions slicing right through two keyhole maneuvers literally above the park entrance, arriving guests have no question from the first moment that a day of the latest thrills lies ahead. This new installation also opens up the Lake Erie beach to new attractive views that have not been seen by park guests before.