Silver Dollar city debuts Outlaw Run

By | March 13, 2013

Photo Tim Baldwin / Amusement Today

Photo Tim Baldwin / Amusement Today

Branson, Mo. — Silver Dollar City’s new roller coaster debuts to the public on Friday, March 15. The media was treated to an advance look on Wednesday. An assemblage of media, enthusiasts, park personnel and city dignitaries rode for the first time. An overwhelming and rousing cheer of praise was bestowed on the new Outlaw Run.

Designed and built by Rocky Mountain Construction, this new woodie premiers under the tag line “The World’s Most Daring Coaster.” It is no false claim. The thrills are huge and so many of the maneuvers are dramatically unique to a wooden coaster. As the first-ever wooden coaster to boast topper track from the beginning, the universal appeal of the ride was that it was amazingly wild, yet still comfortably smooth. The ride’s location in the hilly, wooded terrain of Silver Dollar City is once again an intriguing setting for a ride full of surprises.

Outlaw Run is also the attraction to debut new coaster trains designed and manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction. Efficient and comfy, the two trains navigate the curvaceous, twisted track that features many overbanked turns and barrel roll inversions.

As the first new coaster to debut this coaster season, Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run hits a home run for the park, and quite possibly sets the bar extremely high for all other subsequent coasters yet to come.

—Tim Baldwin

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