Swiss AEX opens a Dutch Wheels giant wheel in Bangkok

By | February 20, 2013

AsiatiqueSkyGiantWheelTHAILAND — The Asiatique Sky started operations in the latest, greatest leisure venue in Bangkok, called Asiatique the Riverfront, owned by TCC Land Group. The Giant Wheel in Thailand has been delivered by Dutch Wheels from the Netherlands and opened to the public on December 15. This R60 giant wheel type carries 42 fully enclosed, air conditioned gondolas and gives its passengers a stunning view over Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river bend from 60-meter (170-foot) high wheel.

Asiatique offers 40 restaurants and bars on site, along with many stores for great shopping, a puppet theater and the Calypso Bangkok Theater. The first phase of the project occupies 12,000 acres, but the entire site, when completed, will measure 28,880 acres. The development also features the city’s longest public boardwalk, at 300 meters, where concerts and festivals are set to take place. The headline attraction now undoubtedly is the Asiatique Sky, a landmark that puts the Asiatique leisure development on the map.

Swiss AEX Group has secured a long term agreement with Asiatique/TCC to operate the wheel as an integral part of its leisure activities. The Asiatique Sky has been very successful since its opening and is already turning into an icon for the city of Bangkok.

More information about the Asiatique Sky can be found at

Dutch Wheels, based in Vlodrop, the Netherlands, is a global leader in standalone giant wheels. Dutch Wheels giant wheels are operational in well-known tourist locations in the UK, USA and now Thailand. Other new projects in various continents are slated to open in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Many local authorities and project developers have recognized the trend to include a giant wheel in their expansions, acknowledging the business opportunity and the importance of a landmark to attract visitors.