Redemption Plus acquires Aquabi Toy Company

By | September 27, 2012

LENEXA, Kan. — Redemption Plus, a leading provider of toys, tools and training for the amusement, educational, fundraising, and retail markets, has announced the acquisition of Aquabi Toy Company.

Aquabi Toy was founded in January 2009, and specializes in the development of branded, open-market toys. Its target customer base includes small specialty retailers, as well as small to mid-sized mass retailers. Its past experience providing consultative product and brand development services will also be a benefit to Redemption Plus’ own product development team.

Kyler Tarwater, VP of Aquabi Toy Company, stated “Our marketing and branding efforts focus on increasing in-store impulse value where the final purchase decision is made. The Aquabi Toy line has a look all its own. Our creative product development and branding keeps the focus where it matters most — the store shelves. An Aquabi dollar item will have the same look and feel of a major branded item, but at a lower price, driving previously unheard of impulse sell-through.”

“Aquabi’s ‘better is better’ motto is right in line with our perception that better quality prizes equal a better customer experience.” said Ron Hill, CEO of Redemption Plus. “We’re excited to continue our expansion into the retail market with such a high quality brand.”