ProSlide's HydroMagnetic Coaster opens at Denver's Water World

By | July 20, 2012

ProSlide’s newest HydroMagnetic Coaster, a HydroMagnetic Rocket dubbed The Mile High Flyer, has opened at Water World in Denver, Colo. As the first such ride in the western U.S. the 1000-foot-long water coaster is the largest single investment in Water World’s entire history.

The Flyer begins with an ascent up the conveyor equipped with sound effects replicating the lift chain of a traditional roller coaster. After a 180-degree turn, the four-seat boats drop into the main ‘coaster’ section. This HydroMagnetic Rocket features five up-hill segments including a ‘camel hump’ and multiple enclosed portions that finish with a 360 loop. The course then transitions into a water channel where the boats float to the end of the ride. This not only adds an additional element but also assists in maintaining unloading procedures to ensure maximum efficiency.

“The Mile High Flyer will knock your socks off,” said Water World’s Joann Cortez. Water World’s guests agree, as the attraction has become the park’s most popular.

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