Golden Ticket ballots go online for 2012

By | July 4, 2012

Voters should look for a postcard in the mail over the next few days

Amusement Today announces a change to the Golden Ticket balloting for 2012. As the revamped “panel of experts” begin receiving their ballots in the days ahead, those that have voted in previous years will find a different type of mailing this year. Instead of a printed multi-page ballot, voters instead will receive a postal card that contains a specific security code for each individual voter. This will now allow them to share their expertise online.

“This is a suggestion we’ve heard from many participants on our panel in years past,” says Golden Ticket Awards Communication Coordinator Tim Baldwin. “I think online balloting will make it easier for each voter, plus as it eliminates over half of the printing, it allows Amusement Today a more efficient way to Go Green. The industry seems to be leaning toward such decisions, and it is wonderful when updating your procedures can make things better all around.” Baldwin adds, “Plus it allows our voters a few additional days to have time to be out in the parks and consider their decisions since they don’t have to allow the time for the ballots to reach us by mail by the deadline. They always appreciate more time.”

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Gary Slade states, “It is good to see the Golden Ticket Awards continue to evolve in small, but efficient ways. Once we knew we could maintain our secure control of the ballots, it just seems like a win-win for everyone involved to see the voting go forward.”

All tabulated results of the Golden Ticket Awards will be announced live at Dollywood on September 8.