Wade Shows reporting great early 2012 routes, exciting future plans

By | June 14, 2012

SPRINGHILL, Fla. – Earlier this month, Frank Zaitshik, owner, Wade Shows Inc., was busy with some of his crew going over rides, putting finishing touches on upcoming technological changes for his midway and preparing to hit the road again after very successful early year routes.

Although he only had two units out during late spring where traditionally he would have three, he felt the 2012 season had already gone extremely well for the show. He described his early year Florida and Texas routes as “outstanding.”

“I gave up some our east coast dates this year so after the Florida route, we shut down the Wade unit, leaving us with two units on the road,” he said. Zaitshik was expecting his second Kraft Macaroni and Cheese themed ride to be completed by the end of June. His first, a Zamperla Crazy Daisy, was on the midway last year. That first ride only had the theming on the cars. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese wrapped each one with a brand wrapping.

Zaitshik purchased a Hrubetz Tip Top earlier this year and that ride will carry the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese theme throughout the ride – not just the cars. The entire ride will be painted blue and yellow.

Zaitshik has other exciting plans going on for this season and for the future. Another is going cashless on the midway.

(For the entire story, please see the July Amusement Today edition.)